Important Factors to Think When Designing Responsive Websites

Important Factors to Think When Designing Responsive Websites

Responsive Web Design

Importance of mobile responsiveness of a website has grown with the rapid use of mobile devices. This article will help you to get a better idea how important is mobile first websites are. So, responsive websites design idea came about few years ago when smart phones came out and stared to get popular. Therefore, designers wanted websites that would adjust their content at any screen size. At first, they started doing two separate website, one for desktops and laptops and the other for mobiles and tablets. But, the major disadvantage was that the developers had to maintain two separate websites for your company. Which was time consuming. As results of that, developer came with the idea of creating a design which will work on every screen size.


There are number of qualities in a responsive design. These qualities are some unique approaches. And the first thing is that the responsive websites should be flexible so that it could adjust its content. But the flexibility of the content should not block the visibility. Therefore, the website itself needs to understand the boundaries of the different mobile devices.  For example, you can see the columns of a website getting narrow and wider depending on the screen size as we view the website on different screen sizes. If it is not responsive you just get everything cut-off or you might have to zoom it in order to view the website. Sometimes you will have to scroll both horizontally and vertically in order to view its content if a website is not responsive. But if in a mobile responsive website, you will only need to do vertical scrolling, which mobile users love to do with their thumb fingers.

Less Effort

If a website is responsive to mobile devices, then you just have to update the information on your web site once. Since you do not have multiple version of your website, updating your website will be pretty easy. If you are looking to develop a responsive website from a Vancouver web Design agent, then it is worth for looking for the right one.

Smooth Experience

responsive website designsSearch engine optimization and speed optimization is a must for a mobile responsive website. You have to optimize your website in every possible way in order to achieve a better speed for mobile devices. Otherwise, if you have one of the most beautiful mobile layouts, you would still lose your potential customers with the huge waiting time. Therefore, all your images should be optimized to the maximum level without losing the quality of them. Optimizilla is a great tool you can find online to optimize images for your website. If you use WordPress Website, Imagify will be a nice WordPress Plug-in you can use to optimize your images.

Easy Search Engine Optimization

Unlike in old days, you do not have two separate websites. Everything is now on a single place. Therefore, everything related to that has become more clear now. You do not really need to share two URLs in publishing your website. There is only once place to do SEO. This has saved a lot of time in on page search engine optimization. Otherwise of you have 14 pages website, you will have to optimize 28 pages for both mobile and desktop version.

Content Visibility

Content VisibilityThis is the most important part of the website. The tricky part of the responsive design is getting things work well on a really small screen. Because, there is only limited space to work with and you want to make sure that small screen works better when you putting the content on the website. It is important to think that your content express the massage that you want to pass to your customers without distracting them. And also when your customers scroll down the webpage they only look at the important part of the page. Therefore, your website content on the mobile should represent the whole massage that you are aiming to pass to your users.

As you know now flexibility, adjust ability, Content visibility  Search engine and speed optimization are the most crucial factors which make a quality mobile first websites. Create a wire-frame before you design a responsive website is a better idea to increase the usability.